The majority of your future clientele consists of millenials. There are changes and trends that come with every new generation, and as you clientele begins to change as the generations get older, you need to learn and develop new skills and tactics to market your properties more efficiently.

What millennials want
Luckily for you, most millenials are long term renters. Most millenials are not prepared to buy a home, but want long term living conditions. They also seek the flexibility to be able to move without the hassle of having to sell their home, if they need to move for work or relationships. They also often have loans, such as student loans, that they’re saving and setting aside funds to pay for, and want to keep their expenses low. They would rather pay rent than pay the extra money for a mortgage.
Even when on a budget, they’re looking for apartments that are located in or near cities, with close proximity to restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, parks, and gyms.
Another thing that is specifically important to millennial renters, is adequate amenities. Things like high quality, fast internet for streaming, is important. Other important amenities include the ability to recycle, efficient water and electricity usage, and the ability to communicate with you via text or email.
How to make your apartment appeal to millennials
One of the most important things to appeal to the millennial generation, is to make your listing easy to view and access online. Try to position your unit as modern, efficient, and community-oriented. Not only should they be able to view your listings online, but the ability to submit applications and pay rent online are also important to include on your website.
Creating social media sites for your apartment complexes and communities are also great ways to appeal to potential millennial clientele. This way you can showcase your properties, easily share updates and quality photos of amenities. Building an online community is important and lets your millennial clientele know that you’re approachable and also reachable, and will make you more approachable. You can also use these social media accounts to advertise community parties, neighborhood amenities, engage with renters and potential renters, and have a sort of virtual bulletin where your residents can engage and connect with one another.