Often when you think of a beautiful home, the ideal landscaping that you imagine is a large, lush green lawn accented with trees and various shrubs and plants. This is a beautiful look for the exterior of any home. Unfortunately, it’s not always the most attainable landscaping option. In Utah, the summers are incredibly hot and incredibly dry. There’s no guarantee that we’ll receive enough rain and snowfall to provide the ground with enough moisture to maintain plants year round. Maintaining a lawn in Utah is practically a full time job; you have to diligently water your lawn multiple times a day during the summer or else the entire thing will dry up and die. If you’ve been having a hard time maintaining the green grounds of your properties, it may be time to think about replacing your landscaping with something less green.


Rock Landscaping


A very popular landscaping choice across the US, not just in Utah, is to get of grass altogether and decorate with rocks instead. By using different colors, textures, and sizes of pebbles and rocks, you can achieve a very aesthetically pleasing landscape.


Use less grass


If you’re having a hard time letting go of the idea of having a perfect green lawn, then you can still have it! Think about downsizing your lawn, instead of removing it altogether. Replace part of the lawn with rock landscaping, a walking path, or a small garden. You can still have a small section of the landscaping be grass, but it will be much easier to maintain because there’s less of it.


Low water plants


Utah is a desert, so it would make sense that the plants that will do best in landscaping would be plants normally found in a desert. There are hundreds of plants to choose from that require very little water to survive. Having plants that don’t need to be watered means you’ll save on utilities for grounds maintenance, but the beauty of you landscaping won’t have to suffer. Here are a few plants that thrive in dry climates like the climate in Utah:

-Yucca plants







-Indigo Bush

-Deer Grass

-Bear Grass

-Autumn Glow Grass

-Crape Myrtle


-Chaste Tree

-Mexican and Eastern Redbuds