Every state and region of the country comes with different issues and things to deal with. One thing that many people don’t realize about Utah is that while we definitely experience all four seasons, some would say that we experience five separate seasons. That fifth season comes to Utah every July to September. Monsoon season. As is true for the entire midwest region of the United States, Utah experiences a few months at the end of the summer where the hot and dry climate becomes rainy and overcast. During this season, the overall climate of the area changes drastically, and so there are a few things you can do to your home to make it more sustainable against the weather.


Roofs and Ceilings


You should have your roof checked twice a year for any cracks or leaks. Having a leaky roof that isn’t caught in time will end up costing you much more in repairs than if you were to have your roof checked regularly. In addition, you’ll also want to look up from the inside of your home as well. Make sure there are no cracks in your ceilings. Also check for mold, discoloration, and water rings. You’ll want all of these issues to be eradicated before the rainy season arrives.


Exterior precautions


One thing you should ensure is working properly is your gutters. If water backs up in your gutters, the water will build up and cause potential problems to the integrity of the exterior of your home.


Consider getting your doors and windows resealed. This is a common area for water to seep in during a storm.


Basement maintenance


If your home has an underground basement, it’s more at risk for flooding than other areas of your home. If you’re concerned that your basement or garage could be damaged by potential flood waters, you can easily have hurricane socks installed. These tools absorb up to an entire gallon of water at a time, and after they’ve been emptied can be put in your dryer before using them again.