Professional Handshake Between Tenant and Landlord

There’s a difference between being respectful of your tenants and being their best friend. Getting too close to your tenants can allow them to take costly liberties like failing to pay rent on time. It is important to have a professional and not personal relationship with your tenants.   Read on for tips and tricks to help you maintain professionality with your renters.

Set Up Communication Channels

Set up clear expectations for your tenants as to how they are to hold of you if there is a problem.  Have a non-emergency email or phone line that they can send requests for repairs, ask questions regarding rent, etc.  Try to respond to those inquiries within 24 hours.  Also set up an emergency line that they can call if there is an emergency, such as a serious water or gas leak.  Make sure that you communicate to your tenants what constitutes an emergency, and respond to those inquiries as soon as possible..

Stay Strict With Terms of the Lease

Hold your tenants strictly to the terms of your lease agreement, as failure to do so can quickly cause a slippery slope.  If you let things go one time, they’re sure to expect you to let it slide again. If they can’t make rent on time, impose the appropriate fees, even if it is the first time. This will discourage them from letting it happen again.

Respect Your Tenants

It is necessary that you treat your tenants with respect.  If you set up standards for communication, payments, etc. make sure that you follow them as well.  Be organized and promptly respond to their inquiries and requests for repairs.  Always deliver your part of the agreement as long as they uphold theirs.

Hire a Property Management Company

It may be helpful to hire a property management company to act as a buffer between you and your tenants.  As we don’t have personal attachments to the property or tenant, we can take care of enforcing terms of an agreement in a professional yet courteous way.