agent greeting householder and bagging subscriptions in hallMost problems between a property manager and tenant can be solved with a little communication.  Don’t be afraid to let your landlord know if something is not working in your apartment.  Also, let them know as soon as possible if you have had a financial emergency and your rent is going to be late.  Give them a date that you will be able to pay.  Below are a few more tips to help you in communication with your landlord or property manager.

Be Honest

Be honest from the very beginning about your credit, income, and whatever else is on the rental application.  If you set a precedence of honesty from the beginning of your rental period, your landlord will know that they can trust you.  Don’t make up excuses or lie to your landlord, just be honest.

Educate Yourself

Make sure that you read your rental agreement so that you know what you are responsible for and what your landlord is responsible for.  If your landlord requests that you use a specific form to submit requests, make sure that you use it.  Document the condition of your rental unit when you move in, and give your landlord a copy.  It doesn’t hurt to learn a few things about your landlord as well, so that you can have pleasant conversations with them in passing about something other than the condition of your rental unit or your rent.

Get it In Writing

We cannot stress how important it is to get communication with your landlord in writing.  If you submit a repair request, make sure that you write it down in case of discrepancy in the future.  Email is a great form of communication as it creates a paper trail for you and your landlord.  If you submit any paperwork, make sure that you save a copy for yourself.  If you have a conversation in person, type up a summary of what was promised, and email it to your landlord.  It will save you the headache of forgotten promises later on.

Know The Process of Contacting Your Landlord

Every landlord has a different policy on directly contacting them.  Some are fine with a text message, while others require you to fill out a contact sheet.  Ask your landlord how they would like to be contacted concerning repairs and other things.  They will appreciate you if you contact them in a way that they prefer, and will respond more quickly if you meet their preferences.  You may be able to text, call their cell phone, call their business line or send an email.

Pay Your Rent On Time

Make a habit of paying your rent on time.  Then, if something happens where you will be late one month, let your landlord know before rent is due.  They will look at your history and be more forgiving of a short-term problem than if you are constantly delinquent.

Treat Them Kindly

Your landlord is a human being, just like yourself.  Treat them with respect and kindness, and you will receive the same treatment.  Be reasonable and rational and do not lose your temper when communicating with your landlord.