The relationship between a property manager and their tenants is an incredibly important one, on both sides of the relationship. It’s important for the property manager to be able to effectively and politely interact with their tenants, while at the same time, it’s important for tenants to feel comfortable talking to their property manager.

Know their hours


Even the nicest of property managers will start to get annoyed if you’re constantly calling them late in the evenings. You shouldn’t feel discouraged from calling them after hours when there are important issues or emergencies. But for all other calls, make sure that they’re only occurring during their regular business hours!


Ask questions


There is no such thing as a dumb question. When you ask questions, everyone gains a better understanding of absolutely every situation. Whether your question is about a policy, upgrades to your property, or parking, your property manager is there to make sure you leave their office(or phone call) with no confusion.


Respect the rules


As stated, there are no dumb questions. If you have questions about why things are a certain way, or whether or not something is allowed or not, make sure that you ask them. Having an understanding of why things are set in place will help you respect the rules. Blatantly disregarding rules will put a strain on your relationship with your tenant, and having a good relationship is one of the best ways to have a good experience while living in their property. Just keep in mind that as long as you respect them, they will respect you. And when you have a great relationship with your property manager, you can feel confident that your complaints and concerns are being heard.