Repair Request

In most cases, the landlord is responsible for making repairs to your rental unit.  That means that if you break something, you can contact them and get it fixed quickly.  However, you have a responsibility to notify your landlord when you need a repair, as ignoring problems can create larger problems and extensive damage later on.  Don’t be afraid to contact your landlord with any repair requests as soon as possible.  Below are the steps to request a repair.

1. Make Sure That the Landlord Is Responsible for the Repair

The first step in the repair process is to make sure that your landlord is responsible for the repair.  Some housing contracts make repairs the responsibility of the tenant, so review your housing contract before contacting your landlord.

2. Determine If It Is an Urgent or Non-Urgent Repair

Some repairs demand immediate attention such as broken water pipes, gas leaks, fire or flood damage, and any other damage that makes the property unsafe.  If the repair is urgent, contact the landlord directly and inform them of the danger.  If it is a non-urgent repair, follow the typical repair submission process.

3. Learn How Your Landlord Requires Repair Submissions

Some landlords are informal, and will allow a text message, email, or phone call to request repairs, while others have a formal system in place.  Find out how your landlord requires repair submissions, and follow their process.  You are more likely to get your request heard if you cater to your landlord.

4. Submit Your Repair Request

As soon as you have everything ready, submit your repair request.  It may be helpful to include pictures of the problem, as well as a detailed description of the problem.  If you are allowed to do repairs yourself, submit a couple of quotes to your landlord so that they can approve the project.

5. Follow Up With Your Landlord

After a while, follow up with your landlord to make sure that they received your request.  If the repair is urgent, follow up within 24 hours.  If it is semi-urgent (ie the refrigerator or range is broken), follow up after 2 days.  However, if it is a non-urgent repair, it is best to wait a week before following up.