Our Guarantees

Here at Rhino Property Management, we want to offer you the peace of mind that most landlords don’t have the luxury of having. Our services allows you to sit back, and receive your rent checks with minimal, stress-free effort. Just in case you’re a little skeptical, we have 3 game changing guarantees that we promise with all of our services:


   1) Occupancy Guarantee


We know that the longer that your property is vacant, that is money that you’re losing. If you let us set the price, we guarantee that we’ll have new quality occupants within 30 days. If we fail to miss this, we’ll give you 2 months of Rhino’s property management services for free.


    2) Eviction Guarantee

The only thing that is more expensive than having a rental property sit empty, is having bad tenants who cause damage and don’t pay their bills. We stress the importance of finding high quality tenants to fill your rental space. We pride ourselves on our tenant-finding process, and are so sure that we’ll be able to find you great tenants, that we promise to pay all of the legal fees and extra costs if any of our Rhino-screened tenants need to be evicted from your rental property.


     3) Pet Guarantee

Over 50% of your potential renting tenants, have pets. If your property isn’t pet friendly, you’re shutting the door on a lot of people who are dying to rent from you. Because of this, we promise to cover the costs of damages incurred by a pet from a tenant we vetted. We want you to feel comfortable renting to people with pets. If the damages exceed the security deposit, we will pay for up to $2500 of the remaining damages.