Rhino Property Management Packages




List & Advertise Property X X X X Included
Show Property X X X X Included
Drive-by Inspections X X X X Included
Tenant Screening X X X X Included
Rent Collection X X X X Included
Maintenance Management X X X X 10% of Cost
Owner Online Portal X X X X Included
1099 for Taxes X X X X Included
Direct Deposit X X X X Included
Move In/Out Inspections X X X X $100-$500
Single Point of Contact X X X X Not Available
Monthly & Year End Statements X X X X Included
Interior Inspection ($50 Value) X X X $50
Court Appearance ($100 Value) X X X $100
Utility Management ($120 Value) X X X $10/Month
Pet Protection X X X Not Available
Furnace/AC Check Up ($200 Value) X X $200
Sprinkler Start & Stop ($125 Value) X X $125
2nd interior Inspection ($50 Value) X X $50
Sign Up Cost ($100 Value) X X $100-$1,000
30 Rental Guarantee ($300 Value) X Not Available
Eviction Protection ($600 Value) X $20/Month
3D Advertising Tour ($200 Value) X $200
Total Annual Value $900 $1370 $1845 $2925
Actual Cost After




8%-10% Rent PLUS
Rhino Package Discount $75/Month $95/Month $125/Month $165/Month Available Listed Fees!
The vacancy is expensive. Rhino Property Management guarantees to find a quality tenant for your rental property within 30 days of the first two months of management fees are free! The only rules are that Rhino must have the final say on the rental price, the home must be vacant and ready for move in.
Our screening process is rigorous. So much so that evictions don’t happen all that often at Rhino Property Management. We guarantee that you will not have to pay any attorney or court fees if we have to evict a tenant that we put into your rental property.
Roughly 60% of renters own pets. Don’t turn them away! With our Pet Protection Guarantee, we will pay for any pet damages exceeding the security deposit caused by a pet that Rhino Property Management vetted and approved. Make sure you don’t miss out on the renters that are willing to pay more to live with a pet!