We Use Only Bonded & Insured Maintenance Companies

Problems happen.  That’s a fact you can’t escape.  We can’t escape it either.  That’s why we have an army of qualified contractors and laborers that we use to help us if you’re water heater goes out, or you need a new furnace.  Maybe you want to upgrade your rental with central air to get more rent.  We’ve been at this for a while, and have formed relationships with many companies to help us in our time of need.  Did I mention that we get discounted rates from them because we use them so often?  That savings gets passed directly on to you as the owner.

Rest assured that every company or person that we used to work on your property is insured.  That means that if there is a problem with the work, they will come and fix it.  It also means that if they fall off your roof and break their leg, you are not liable or responsible.

Whew!  That takes a weight off your shoulders now doesn’t it?