2- Eviction Protection
3- Pet Protection

Here's What You Get

You get great pricing! We will beat any competitor’s price!
You don’t pay until your property is rented.
You get charged $75 for 1 unit, or $65 for multiple units.
You get no extra fees.
You don’t pay until your property is rented.
You get rigorous tenant screening.
You get an online owner’s portal.
You get our network of insured workers in every industry to help maintain your property.
You get a market comparison showing how much we think your property will rent for.
You get Rhino Property Management available to you 24/7 via phone, text, email, or chat.

Welcome To Rhino Property Management

If you’re looking for a property management company: you have come to the right place. Our prices and quality can’t be beat. That makes us the best property management value in Utah. Choosing a company to rent your property out for you is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a hard one. Contact us, we’d love to talk about your options. We’ll talk to you for free, with no obligation and no commitment. 

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This has been the single best property management company to deal with. Over the years they have taken care of my rental properties, been quick to fill the vacancies and handled every step of my tenant pay issues. I highly recommend them!


My mom and I had a really great experience with Rhino. Amy was absolutely amazing, very helpful, super friendly; she answered all of my questions and never once acted like we were an inconvenience. Even though we were not approved to rent with Rhino, I still think that this company went far above the norm to try to help us get in. Lindsey was so kind to answer all of my questions after our denial and wished us the best of luck in our search for housing. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone, they were so nice. Thank you.

Jennifer Wahl

Rhino Property Management is staffed with efficient and courteous professionals that seem to really care about their tenants. My husband and I are more than happy to rent a property with them and have already had a wonderful experience.

Michelle Ferguson

I’ve been very happy with Rhino Property for the most part. Sometimes responses are a bit slow but they have a good website for requests and rent payment and seem friendly. I would recommend using Rhino as a renter.

Thalen Washington

What a great company. The level of personal care that this team showed to my daughter and myself was a experience that I hope that many will not ever have to experience. Our situation came at a life changing experience after our home flooded and we had been displaced. Being a single mom and having the team at rhino work so diligently to get us into a place we could feel at home was a blessing. I have to say the professionalism and willingness to see me as an individual rather than a leasee shows me that they truly care about what they stand for. Providing homes to family’s along with personally going the extra mile to make the transition smooth as possible is a value I appreciate. From the owner to the wonderful assistant they walked me through supporting me 110%. I’ll never forget who was there for me during this crisis and I’m so glad to be able to have had this company.

Melissa Christensen

Rhino went the extra mile to ensure repair of a leak. They listened to the brick masons who found that work with roof and trim was also necessary. It was pleasing to see them address the additional needs the next day as the masons were finishing the brick work. Great job!