Woman making repairs on rental property

Rental property management is required by law to maintain housing that satisfies reasonable habitability standards like adequate waterproofing, working heat, water and electricity, and structurally safe living spaces. In other words, anything that happens to the premises that isn’t due to tenant negligence is your responsibility. As experienced property owners, we understand the level of attention, logistics, and hard work that goes into repairs and maintenance. Under our supervision and management, maintenance jobs will be carried out in a timely manner with precision and accuracy.

We’ve got you covered

In addition to minimum maintenance requirements, each property owner must pay close attention to local housing standards and practices. We are nothing but thorough in our application of all local housing standards. Our goal is to provide the appropriate expert maintenance and service to tenants while ensuring that your rights as a property owner are being protected. Most maintenance issues can be efficiently solved with the proper knowhow. Should any question arise as to whether a certain issue is a result of tenant negligence or owner responsibility, we will use our vast knowledge of property maintenance and local property laws to come to a solution that satisfies all parties involved.

Scheduling Repairs

empty master bedroom scheduled for maintenanceScheduling repairs with tenants can be a real headache for any property owner. If your busy schedule conflicts with a tenant whose rental space requires maintenance, it can be near impossible to make the necessary arrangements on your own. At Rhino Property Management, we put a great deal of effort and expertise into managing time wisely and making sure that all property maintenance and repairs are scheduled and carried out to the satisfaction of tenants and owners. Relieve yourself of this unnecessary burden and let us handle the busy work for you. Contact us today!