Tenant Complaints

Eviction and tenant complaints are rare for property owners

Although evictions are mercifully a fairly rare occurrence, tenant complaints are a much more frequent—and thereby a much more consistent—drain on your resources. Managing your tenants’ complaints and expectations all on your own can sometimes be exhausting and overwhelming—a simultaneously time-consuming and often futile exercise in diplomacy—and an ineffectual use of your precious time. In any case, though, if you’re to handle your tenants’ complaints without backup, it’s important to be familiar with the most common repeat offenders.

Some of the most universal criticisms you’ll have lobbied your way may include (but are certainly not limited to):

  1. Unforeseeable maintenance issues
  2. Ineffectual communication or poor customer service
  3. Privacy violations
  4. Pests or vermin 
  5. Unreturned funds 
  6. Unpleasant interactions with neighbors

An Ounce of Prevention

These issues may seem daunting, but take heart: you can implement preventative strategies to deal with these issues of common tenant complaints by properly establishing a personal and professional relationship; that way, your tenants know that you take them and the quality of your property seriously. A property manager who can effectively establish and maintain these relationships is an invaluable asset for you as a property owner. Not only do property managers effectively establish community expectations with your tenants, but their regular presence commands respect that discourages tenants from neglect and rule-breaking—making the lives of your other tenants stress-free, and less apt to lodge tenant complaints.

The Best Offense, Is a Good Defense

Property managers are your first defense against the kinds of problems that start small but quickly spiral into expensive disasters if not addressed. This is why it is absolutely critical for property owners to have diligent property managers. Rhino Property management specialists ensure that your rules and expectations are clear so that when tenants’ complaints arise, they can be managed in a smooth and reasonable fashion. Contact us for more information on how we can help!