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Maintenance companies occupy a wide variety of fields, and are needed for many services in property management. Whether it’s heating and air, electricity, or outdoor maintenance, all maintenance companies must comply to licensing and insurance standards as dictated by their state. At Rhino Property Management, we only use maintenance companies who are properly licensed and insured in accordance with the law.

We require all maintenance companies in our hire to take the necessary steps to having obtained proper licensing and insurance. Depending on individual state laws, these steps include:

  • Register your business name with the proper state agency (Secretary of State, Deparment of Licensing, etc.)
  • Complete required training and examinations
  • Obtain insurance for property damage liability
  • Submit proper licensing application and paper work
  • Provide proof of obtaining proper license before carrying out any work

Ensuring proper maintenance is essential to successful property management. Whether you have a single property with one room, or several apartment buildings: we’re equipped to meet your needs.