As experienced property owners, we fully understand the importance of security and peace-of-mind in property ownership. Tenant screening and background checks are an important way to ensure professional security and understanding for all parties involved in a property rental or leasing situation.

Tenant Screening

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Tenant screening is one of the best ways to ensure that your property will be taken care of and that tenants will fulfill the terms of lease and agreement. At Rhino Property Management we look at many things when it comes to finding a trustworthy renter to be in your property including: 

  • Credit Report – Credit reports are important to check to ensure that potential tenants have a history of paying on time to ensure you make money on your property. Credit reports show loans and payment history on such to keep you and your property safe. If a tenant’s history comes back poorly give the opportunity to discuss the report with the future tenant to go over any discrepancies that are in question. 
  • Verify Employment & Proof of Income – By ensuring your new tenants will be able to provide rent on time will ensure your investment is safe. When we look into employment and proof of income we are able to see that these tenants are financially able to afford your property. 
  • Confirm previous Rental history – At Rhino Properties we look at previous rental history to ensure your property will be well taken of. By verifying previous rental history we have the opportunity to evaluate how they perform as tenants. 
  • Pull eviction reports and criminal recordsIf a hopeful tenant has been evicted from previous locations as a property owner you will want to be informed ahead of renting your property out. By performing these background checks on potential tenants can save you from the possibility of having to evict a tenant. 

We follow the fair housing law and treat each individual equally in the screening process. As defined and regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), we design rental applications to fairly collect personally identifying information (names, social security number, date of birth, etc.), address possible criminal or eviction history, and provide clear opportunity for prospective tenants to agree to the terms and conditions of a tenant screening report. We carefully follow all FCRA obligations and abide loyally by tenant screening procedures to assure the maximum accuracy of the information provided. We understand that property owners and landlords rely on tenant screening to compile information that adequately vets prospective tenants, and we design our tenant screenings so that you can confidently arrive at decisions based on your tenant criteria.

Background Checks

couple with agentBackground checks are both customary and expected in a variety of professional relationships that require mutual trust. Property rental and leasing are no exception. In addition to a complete tenant screening, you may want to require a background check that more thoroughly compiles employment, credit, and criminal history; all of which are crucial factors in deciding who you may or may not want to rent or lease to. This information is sensitive and requires a variety of laws to protect the right to confidentiality; laws that we take seriously to ensure your safety as a property owner. We take pride in performing thorough, swift, and efficient background checks that further ensure the security of your property based on the personal and professional character of your prospective tenants.

Tenant screenings and background checks are part of a comprehensive bundle of property management services we offer. Because we know the ins and outs of property management, we promise a thorough, efficient tenant screening process that ensures the security and enduring market value of your property. Eviction of tenants can feel like a grueling process and though Rhino Properties is aware of how to handle the situation and all necessary legal protocol. Rhino Properties will help fill your property with trustworthy tenants after ensuring they are the right fit for your property. We understand that your property is an investment for you and by filling your properties with tenants that will pay on time and take good care of your property is important to you. 

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