The mission set before property managers is not an easy one, split as it is between renting and maintaining the property, as well as looking after the needs of the renters. On the caretaking side, not only must they keep the property in working order–fixing broken equipment and performing routine maintenance tasks–but they must ensure that tenants are satisfied and safe. While the former seems straightforward in concept, the latter is surely a point of stress for many new and seasoned landlords. And that is to say nothing of the property’s aesthetic, which must be looked after constantly thanks to Utah’s versatile weather.

At Rhino, we want to provide all our property managers with the tools they need to succeed. Below you will find some downloadable sheets as well as a number of links to helpful pages that will answer your questions on this multifaceted venture we call property management.

Helpful Sheets for Property Managers

Tenant Handbook

Take a moment to look over this tenant handbook that was written by Rhino Property Management to help new arrivals know what is required of them by the property manager.

Resource Links

We’ve included some helpful links that should get you started on your journey into property management. Referring back to these pages can help keep you on track down the road as well.

Contact Us

Remember that you can always contact our team with any questions that you may have. Property management is a complex task that can be a lot to wrap your head around. Our experienced team is ready to help you.