The process of payment processing and rent collection can be an unnecessary headache for any landlord or property owner. When you choose Rhino Property management, you’re putting these responsibilities in our trustworthy hands. With years of experience as property owners and managers, we understand the challenges that come with payment processing and rent collection, and have developed a system that ensures timely, efficient payment for both renters and managers.

Timely Payment Processing

Rental property with efficient rent collection and payment processing

With the intercession of online payment processes, rent payment has generally become a fairly painless process. Rhino Property Management is dedicated to address the unique tenant/manager relationships of each property and provide a timely payment processing system. We can handle mass payments at a time without any significant backup, making it easier for tenants to make payments without any delays or confusion that might result in faulty transactions. Depending on the preferences of each property owner or manager, we are also able to process multiple types of payments with ease. Our streamlined, online payment solutions are guaranteed to satisfy all parties involved.

Efficient Rent Collection

The best way to ensure efficient rent collection is to have a system in place beforehand and a clear understanding with property tenants. With years of experience in property management and working with tenants, Rhino Property Management knows how to collect rent efficiently and appropriately. Proper rent collection requires a series of steps to be carried out with a clear knowledge of the process as a whole. We hold ourselves to a high standard when working with tenants to ensure rent is collected properly and on time. If any problem arises with a particular tenant where rent collection is concerned, we follow a strict protocol to ensure that things run smoothly when dealing with any tenant issue. If you’d like to know more about our payment processing and rent collection process, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.