Benefits of Inspections

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Property inspections are an incredibly important part of the rental property management process. Inspections are a benefit to tenants, management, and property owners. Regular inspections mean that managers always have a clear idea of what is going on with a property. Tenants can feel comfortable knowing that their property managers care about the conditions of their living quarters and are ready to intervene if any troubles arise. Managers who are aware of potential troubles with the property can monitor and perform maintenance as necessary to prevent more expensive problems from developing. Property owners can feel secure in knowing that their managers are keeping tenants satisfied and making sure the property stays in great condition.

The Importance of Inspections

Comprehensive rental property inspections also allow tenants, management, and property owners to reach an agreement about what repairs and maintenance issues are the responsibility of each party. When all aspects of property maintenance are clearly defined, then all parties can be comfortable with addressing any issues that come up with the property over time. Failure to have exacting standards for documentation in this area can result in grey areas, which can potentially turn into expensive legal issues. Rhino Property Management in Utah performs thorough property inspections that will ensure our managers and the property owners we represent are absolved from any responsibilities that are determined to be that of the tenants occupying a property.

Rhino Properties Inspections

By performing inspections it keeps everyone safe from future legal action, dangerous mishaps within the house and can keep costly repairs to a minimum. By making note of things that will soon need to be repaired or recognizing repairs early and in a timely manner it allows us to keep our costs low by keeping ourselves ahead of any potential damage and dangers. Here at Rhino Property Management, we inspect many aspects of the house to ensure our tenants are safe and comfortable in their new home. 

Our comprehensive property inspections include:

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    • Taking photo documentation of all the internal and external dimensions of the property: This allows us to not only know preexisting damage but also protect both the tenant and property owner from problems in the future.
    • Looking for broken windows, lights, blinds, and other replaceable fixtures of the property: Our tenant’s safety and security are both of utmost importance to us and with broken windows and lights, it could present a safety issue in addition to cosmetic problems. We look for these problems to ensure our tenants and property owners are well taken care of and have the best properties available. 
    • Regular furnace filter checks: A good and clean filter ensures that the furnace is running well and will help from voiding any prior warranties. Having a management company will help ensure that things like keeping a clean air filter in the furnace at all times are done so you don’t have to. 
    • Smoke alarm inspections and maintenance: Laws and codes are in place that require that smoke alarms need to be installed and working. We at Rhino Property Management will ensure that all smoke alarms are running and have good batteries to avoid the compromise of your property and to keep your tenants safe from potential carbon monoxide or fire. 
    • Checking for potential water damage areas (sinks, faucets, bath, etc): Water damage is a costly expense and one to avoid at all costs. We check these potential problem areas to stop the leak before it becomes a problem that can ruin cabinets, flooring and create a bigger problem than necessary. 
    • Yard and external property inspections: If your property has any sort of patio, sheds or other outdoor property, we will ensure that it is in tip-top shape as well. We will check for potential problems with the exterior of the home and landscaping to save you money, in the long run, to avoid costly repairs when it comes to stucco or siding repair, sprinkler leaks, and potential faulty landscaping. 
    • Making sure that sinks, hoses, sprinklers, and other plumbing fixtures are functional: Our property managers and inspectors will go through the property and will be able to confirm that your tenant is moving into a property that is ready for them and that all necessary work is done ahead of time when needed. 
    • Checking in with tenants to address any concerns or complaints that they have about the property: We will also follow up with the tenants to ensure the property is still running and working as it should be. Tenants will have the opportunity to ask us questions about potential problems or things they believe may need to be fixed.

If you or anyone you know is in need of property management services in Utah, don’t hesitate to call our team of experts today to get a free rental analysis!