12 Moving Hacks You Need to Know

Moving boxes in new house.Moving is a stressful time, with so much that needs to get done.  Read below for 12 moving hacks to make your next move simple!

  1. Pack a suitcase with essentials – After moving all of the boxes inside your house, you will probably be too tired to find your clothes, toothbrush, laptop, etc. that night.  If you think you’ll take about a week to start unpacking, pack about a week’s worth of clothes and essentials to have what you need available.

  2. Get free moving boxes – Ask your local grocery stores when their shipment of fruit comes in, then go that evening to collect the fruit boxes.  Apple boxes are the best size.  Also check Craigslist for free boxes.

  3. Use what you have – Use your suitcases, baskets, etc. to cut down on the need for boxes.

  4. Use clothes and towels to pack fragile items – Bubble Wrap is expensive, so use your clothes and towels to transport fragile knick knacks and kitchen items.

  5. Label boxes – Do not get lazy and stop labeling boxes halfway through the packing process.  Labeling your boxes will save you hours of time while unpacking.  If you have people coming to help you move, make sure to label the boxes by room as well as what is inside.  It will save you from needing to direct traffic off the truck.  If you can, use colored strips of tape to coordinate rooms.

  6. Pack Plates Vertically – Plates are less likely to break if they are stacked like vinyl records.  Put a paper towel or shirt between each plate

  7. Don’t pack the day of – Pack weeks in advance to ensure that you can properly dejunk and organize your things.

  8. Photograph your wires – If you have a complicated TV or computer set up, take a picture of the connections to save you a headache when you unpack.

  9. Make use of Press’n Seal – Press and seal can keep your jewelry displays from becoming tangled and can keep contents of drawers secure.  It will become your best friend while moving.

  10. Remember to change your address – Change your address through the post office by filling out their online form, but also remember to change your address with Amazon, eBay, bank accounts, etc.

  11. Get rid of things – Dedicate trash bags and boxes to things that you want to get rid of.  Sell them on Amazon, Craigslist or eBay or donate them to a local thrift store.  Always give the people who help you move first dibs on your items.

  12. Refrain from grocery shopping the last two weeks before you move – Although it may seem difficult, refrain from grocery shopping to use up the food in your fridge and freezer before moving.  This will make the move easier, as well as decrease the opportunity for spoiled food during the move.

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