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When you live in a rental unit, it can be hard to make the space feel like your own. You want to feel comfortable, and make it feel like home. But you also don’t want to sacrifice your deposit by painting the walls or drilling a bunch of holes into the walls. You also don’t want to spend tons of money decorating an apartment, just to not be able to keep any of the fruits of your labor when you move out(and be billed to return it back to the way it was before on top of that). Here are a few of our favorite rent-friendly ways to decorate your rental apartment!

Get creative with open storage
Open storage is not only a great way to, obviously, store your objects, but it’s a great potential way to decorate! You can create a canvas to hang jewelry, a shelf to display your most aesthetically pleasing dishes and mugs, or a clothing rack to hang your cutest outfits on to display.
Not only are plants beautiful, they’re great for your health and can brighten up absolutely any space. And you can get really creative with the way that you store and display these plants to decorate your space! You can hang plants, and get creative with the type of containers that you store them in! Things like watering cans and colorful ceramic dishes are perfect ways to display your favorite plants.
Paint your furniture, not your walls
If you’re itching for a painting project, give some of your furniture a face lift with some paint. This will also be a cheaper project, since you won’t have to buy as much paint to make a difference. Think about painting those barstools, or restaining your kitchen table.
Line your shelves with wallpaper
If you have a lot of shelving and bookshelves in your home, paint the inside wall of your shelves, or you can use wallpaper if you’re wanting something more dramatic. This is, again, a smaller project that will still make a huge impact. This is especially perfect if your shelving is used to display things such as photos or trinkets.
Use ladders as shelves
Ladders in home decor is such a cute trend! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s functional. You can use it to hang towels in the bathroom, or display books in a unique way in the living space. You can even use it to display photos, and you can paint the ladder any color that you want.