6 Ways to Make a Rental Feel Like Home

Woman sitting on cozy couch sipping teaSo your living situation is temporary. That doesn’t mean that it can’t feel like home! One of the most common dilemmas of renters is that they are unable to make changes to suit their personal aesthetic.

It’s true that you don’t want to make changes that will take a chunk out of your deposit. A lot of remodel details alter the property and are a huge problem for your landlord to deal with as soon as you move out. However, if you get creative, there are plenty of ways to make your place feel like home quickly, and without impacting the property.

No Painting Allowed? You Can Still Have Beautiful Walls
First of all, ask if you can paint the walls. Some landlords forbid it, but you’ll never know until you ask. Now, if you can’t paint, that’s okay. There are lots of ways to customize. Have you ever heard of removable wallpaper? There are also decals that can add interest and color, and which are removed easily when you leave.

Lighting Makes the Mood
Lighting is another thing that you’ll want to ask about. Many landlords are fine with you updating the light fixtures. Even if they aren’t, you can create a more cozy feeling by switching to lower-wattage lightbulbs, or utilizing carefully chosen lamps and creative lighting design instead of the overhead lighting provided.

Window Dressings Warm up a Room
Cover windows without making major changes by dressing up a tension rod. Tension rods anchor in alcoves and eliminate the need to hammer in brackets for normal curtain rods.

Make It Smell Like Home
Smell is incredibly powerful, but it’s often something that affects us without our notice. That’s why it doesn’t occur to most people to make a new place a home by infusing it with their favorite smells. This might come in the form of candles, carpet deodorizers, or room spray. Here’s a really simple fix: simmer a pot of water full of cinnamon and orange peels. In a few hours, your place will smell like Christmas!

Add Plants
Greenery makes any space feel live-able. You can get creative with the way that you display plants too. Try modern glass terrariums, or sconce-style wall containers. There are even hanging plant-chandelier options. Plants will also purify your air and add moisture, oxygen, and a fresh green smell.

Add Color and Accents
Because renting is temporary, many renters hesitate to invest in furniture and decor that they really love. We recommend that you go ahead and treat yourself to a few pieces that you adore. Furniture with character can make a statement and make a room feel like yours. Think about throw pillows too. They’re very simple to make yourself, and they give you the opportunity to add color and texture to a bare space.

Incorporate a few of these ideas into your new place and you’ll be surprised how quickly it feels like home!

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