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Every landlord has one goal in common: the best tenant. It’s an ambitious goal. Finding tenants that respect the rented space, pay dues on time, and are easy to communicate with are all things we can hope for and find. But the key to a better tenant is to be a better and successful landlord. After all, a landlord that knows how to properly screen potential tenants, keeps their tenants happy and keeps the model of professionalism will ultimately attract tenants you work to keep. Want to learn the qualities of a great landlord? You’ve come to the right place.

Learn to Keep Yourself Available

A successful landlord understands the importance of keeping themselves available for every tenant. Regardless of how great your property may be maintained, or how great the tenant, a problem is bound to arise every once and awhile. A problem may require your immediate attention, and if you’re unavailable or unable to reach for days at a time, it can create an angry tenant and unnecessary damage to your property. Turn around time to respond to a tenant shouldn’t exceed 48 hours. Some issues with a property may not need an immediate fix, or it may be that you can’t fix the immediate, however, clear communication with your tenants can appease them and put you in a better spot. Show you care enough to respond. Set up “office hours” for day to day issues that don’t require immediate attention, but make sure your tenant knows they can call you if there is a property emergency. 

Be Fair and Be Firm

You’ve set up property rules for a reason, if you notice they’re being broken, make sure to have an honest conversation with your tenant. If you keep allowing a tenant to break an important policy you’ve put into place, such as a no-smoking rule, you could be risking damage to your important asset. Your tenant could make the assumption that a policy has changed, or just keep breaking the rule due to their being zero consequences. As a landlord, the rules you’ve set are bound to be tested. Remember why you put those rules into place and penalties that will be placed on a lease agreement. Enforce the rule. You can be fair and firm. 

Be Aware of Your Online Presence

If you’ve been a landlord for some time, you may be familiar with the multiple online sites that allow for past tenants to rate properties as well as your effectiveness as a landlord. Be sure to keep up with reviews whether they’re positive or negative. Whenever you have a chance to respond, do so. If the review is positive about the property, or you as a landlord, show your gratitude. If the review presents an issue that was had, or paints you in a bad light, be sure to address the issue with a clear head. Always keep your responses professional and cordial. 

If you’re on stable terms with a tenant about to leave your property, or still have the contact information for previous tenants, don’t hesitate to ask them for a review. It’s a great way to get honest feedback, and it can help future tenants see what you have to offer. Even one favorable review can act as an excellent first impression for a future tenant.

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