A lease agreement sits on a blue clipboard. Someone's key and glasses sit alongside it.There are many different reasons why someone might want to break their lease, and very few of them aren’t born of circumstance. There are many situations, however, that can make this a difficult process. This is why it is very important to figure out a plan for breaking a lease as early as you can. At the very least, having a good reason for it will make your landlord more likely to work with you. Here’s some tips on the process of breaking your lease…

Read your lease agreement

Make sure you understand what you signed when you moved into the property. Take the time to know all of the little details, so that you are prepared for them if the time comes when you must break your lease. Make notes of everything that you read, and where it is in the document. It may be tempting to skip this step, but it is highly important that you do not. You know what they say: knowledge is power.

Open communication with landlord

Be as open and clear with the landlord as you can during this entire process. They will appreciate this, and be much easier to work with. Being honest and clear with them will also build trust between the two of you, which helps the situation run a lot smoother. This keeps you from being liable, as well, which could happen if you tiptoe around the issue. Make sure that they know you are considering breaking your lease as soon as you possibly can.

Search for a new renter

Many times, you will need to find someone to take over your lease for you. Legally, in fact, both you and your landlord must try to find a new person to rent the property. You can either find a short-term person who will live there for a few months until the end of your lease, or you can find a person to sign a whole new lease that will stay there permanently (relatively.

Consider the options the landlord has available

There are many different plans that a landlord has in place for this exact situation. Talk to your landlord and see what options that they have available. this goes back to being open and honest with them. Many properties may have strict rules, such as having the renter pay several months of rent after they leave. It also makes getting deposits back pretty much impossible. However, if you have developed a good standing with your landlord, they might be willing to make more options available to you.

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