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Aside from keeping appliances updated, bathroom fixtures functioning properly, and perfor

ming other standard forms of maintenance, it’s important to establish a rental property that is both welcoming and versatile for incoming renters. This means accenting a rental space with small touches like window treatments and fresh paint. When adding these final touches to a rental space, it’s important to think in terms of “house” rather than “home”; you aren’t decorating a space to suit your own personal taste, and those who rent from you will want something neutral that allows them to customize their living space. Here are some fundamental guidelines that property owners tend to abide by when it comes to preparing their rentals for incoming renters.

Neutral, light-colored paint

White or off-white paint is usually the safest choice for a rental property. It’s neutral and versatile, which means that potential renters can more easily imagine living in the space and accenting it with their own furnishings and decor. Moreover, light colored paint on the walls brightens up a room tremendously, making the space more inviting and helping to compensate for any lack there might be in recessed lighting. The space will even feel cleaner. White or off-white paint also makes small repairs to wall damage relatively simple.

Window treatments

Most renters appreciate moving into a space that is already fitted with window treatments that require some form of hardware to install, such as horizontal blinds on windows and vertical blinds on sliding glass doors. Faux wood blinds are a popular option for windows. Though they are slightly more expensive than mini blinds, they tend to be much more durable and are more affordable than shades or real wood blinds, making for an investment that will withstand more wear and tear in the coming years. They also have a more sophisticated look than standard mini blinds.


Furnishings will depend on whether your rental property comes furnished or not. If you do happen to furnish your space, you will have more say in choosing furniture items that will not harm the floors or walls of your living space. You’ll want to select furniture that fits the space well, and that exhibits a clean, modern style with neutral coloring. Also be sure that it is high enough in quality to withstand everyday use from your renters.

Decorative accents

Other accents such as artwork and additional lighting are up to you, and many property owners choose to include accents like artwork because it generally means that renters will be doing less damage to the walls to hang their own artwork. Just be sure in choosing artwork or other accents that you keep things color coordinated and generally tasteful. Mirrors are also a great accent to include because many renters do not own them, and they are about as neutral as you can get in terms of wall accents. Mirrors also work to make a space appear larger.


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