Finding a Place to Rent: Tips and Ideas

Finding a place to rentIf you’re looking for a place to rent, there’s a lot more to consider than the cost of monthly rent. Start by making a list of things that you’re looking for in a rental unit. This will help you narrow down your search according to the budget you have set regarding rental payments. Here is a list of potential things to look for when determining if a place is a good fit for you.


Ask yourself: how many rooms are you going to need? Are you okay with having a roommate? Or are you renting a home for a family? This will help you choose whether or not you need a small apartment, townhome, home, or other type of dwelling. Knowing how much you can afford and what will meet your needs will help you narrow your search.


Your search will go more smoothly if you pay attention to where the rental unit is located. How far is it from work and school? What is the neighborhood like? If you’re looking at an apartment, check out reviews of the building and building manager. For homes, consider talking with people in the neighborhood. Ask them about crime in the area, the dynamics between people in the area, and what kinds of things there are to do nearby. You want to get an idea of what life will be like before moving in.


No matter what you do, check out the property before you make any decisions about signing a contract. You’ll want to make sure that the rental unit is in good condition, and that everything is in working order. Check out security features, appliances and features of the unit, and make sure that the place meets the expectations provided by the advertisements. If there are already people living in the unit, arrange to meet them so that you know who you’re moving in with – that way you can hopefully establish a relationship early on, or avoid potential problems by finding another place.

Contract and Legal Obligations

This cannot be stressed enough: read the contract thoroughly before making any decisions or signing any agreement. You’ll want to make sure that the contract follows state protocols regarding maintenance, eviction policies, and take the time to sift through any legal jargon that appears. Take care to look for hidden fees or loopholes in the contract. You want to make sure that you understand the contract well so that you can communicate with the landlord about concerns or questions. Never sign anything if you’re not sure.

When looking for a place to live, keep in mind the things that are most important to you. This list provides a guide for helping sort out those priorities and things to consider. Using these priorities in conjunction with your budget will help you choose a rental unit that meets your wants, needs, and expectations.


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