moving boxes

Moving from one rental to another can be daunting, and with a little preparation beforehand with the right supplies, you can make the pro

cess a great deal easier. Here is a list of moving supplies that will come in handy as you move out of your rental.

Packing supplies

Packing supplies are, of course, central to any move. Cardboard boxes are the classic standby here, and you can use find them for free at a local grocery store, wholesaler, or department store. Depending on where you work, you may have a great many cardboard boxes at your disposal there as well. In addition to boxes, you will want protective materials such as bubble wrap or old newspapers, and thick permanent markers for labeling your boxes. Opting for colored duct tape over standard packaging tape is a great way to secure your boxes while at the same time including color coding in your moving box organization. Large garbage bags are also a great thing to have on hand for moving softer items and will leave you with more flexibility as you fill your moving car or truck.

Spackle paste and knife

Depending on what the policy was in terms of putting holes in your rental’s walls for artwork, you may or may not have created small holes in your walls that need filling. The best way to repair these small holes is to use spackle paste with an appropriately sized spackle knife for filling these holes. Pick up these two items at your local hardware store.

Hair dryer

Many renters opt for removable, double-sided tape for hanging artwork on their walls, with the downside being that sometimes this still leaves some tape or adhesive residue on the walls. A hair dryer comes in handy for gently removing this type of residue while minimizing potential damage—simply hold a hair dryer on a warm setting over the residue for about a minute, and the heated adhesive should come off easily with a damp washcloth.

Tools for furniture disassembly (and reassembly)

Depending on which furniture you are moving and how it might fare during the moving process, you may need to partially or completely disassemble some of your furniture. A standard tool kit with screwdrivers and wrenches will suit your needs here.

Moving blankets

Moving blankets are used to cushion and protect larger it

ems such as furniture and boxes during a move, and you may even find them useful for protecting home accents such as a banister while moving heavy furniture. Purchasing moving blankets can get expensive, as you will need several to cover your moving needs. Unless you know that you will be moving fairly often in the near future, you are probably better off renting them from a do-it-yourself moving company.


A utility dolly (hand truck) or furniture dolly will prove useful for moving large items. You can invest in your own dollies, or you can usually rent them from a local moving company.

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