Property Management Tips for the Holidays

Although one of the most enjoyable seasons of the entire year, the holiday season also tends to be one of the busiest seasons of the entire year, as well. It’s easy to get so busy with everything else that you have going on, that managing your property is the last thing on your mind. With how busy and stressed out you may end up being for the remainder of the year, here are a few property management tips to help your holidays go a bit smoother.

Get maintenance done before the holidays


If any of your tenants have been complaining about maintenance issues, get those taken care of before the rest of the holidays hit. Aside from the fact that they probably don’t want to deal with their maintenance issues over the holiday, it will keep them in a better mood if they have one less thing to worry about. In addition, once you’ve finished the necessary maintenance, you won’t have to worry about dealing with last minute maintenance calls when you’re trying to enjoy the holidays with your family.


Give your tenants an easy way to get in contact with you


In the event that something does end up happening over the holidays that needs your immediate attention, make sure that your tenants know how to contact you in case of a holiday emergency. Since your office will probably be closed for the majority of the holidays, make sure they have a way to get in contact with you, such as making sure they have access to your personal number. You may also want to take the holidays into account when considering how you’ll be collecting rent payments. If the holidays will make any changes to when the payment will be due, make sure they know how to get their payment to you on time.


Give back to your tenants for the holidays


It doesn’t take a lot to remind your tenants that you’re grateful for them this holiday season! Simple things like putting out a bowl of festive holiday treats in your office, or sending a holiday greeting card to each of them, will let them know that you care and are grateful for them, as well as wishing them a happy holiday. Taking care of your tenants is a full time, year round job, and even though your duties may be more difficult over the holidays, you need to make sure to keep the quality of your management consistent.

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