Rental, Sweet Rental: Making a Rental a Home

nice kitchenSo, you’re renting an apartment or townhome, and you want to make it feel more like a home. Renting property is extremely convenient for those who are always on the move and for those who are waiting to buy a home, but one major downside to renting is how it can put restrictions on how you decorate. The good news? There is almost always a workaround, and your rental can feel like a home. Here are some tips to organizing and decorating your rental space so that it is truly a place that you can call home.

Practice damage-free wall decorating.

Large and bare walls say just about anything but “home.” So, one easy way to cozy up a space is to add some art and photos to those walls. Find pieces that speak to you, and photos that suit your style or recall good memories. Don’t let the prospect of not being able to put holes in your walls deter you, either. Check out our post on displaying artwork without putting holes in your walls for all the info you need on hanging artwork without damaging walls.

Invest in furniture you love.

For some reason, rental homes and cheap furniture seem to go together all to often. Rather than purchasing cheap furniture every few years for your rental space—which may very well end up costing you more in the long run—invest in pieces you love and that you will enjoy for years to come. And when budgets are tight, look for higher end pieces of secondhand furniture. Investing in furniture pieces that will outlive your time in your rental space is a great way to help you overcome the “temporary” feel that so often accompanies a rental space.

Lay out large area rugs.

Your rental might not have the type of flooring featured in your dream home, but that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to having less-than-ideal flooring. An area rug will do much to spruce up bare floors and give your space a touch of your own style.

Swap out fixtures and hardware.

The terms “fixtures” and “hardware” refer to just about anything that can easily be swapped out in the home. Think anything and everything from light fixtures and sink fixtures to cabinet handles and towel racks. Take an inventory of these types of things in your home and decide what you can replace. In your bathroom, for example, chances are you can easily swap out your showerhead, faucet and sink handles, towel rack, toilet paper roll holder, and cabinet and drawer knobs for hardware and fixtures that better suit your style. Just be sure that whatever you’re installing follows the same installation process as what is already installed—you don’t want to be creating any new holes here.

Add some plants.

Finally, indoor plants are sure to bring life to your space. Even if you’re not a skilled gardener, you can get low-maintenance plants like succulents or cacti. You might even consider growing your favorite herbs on your kitchen windowsill, or keeping a vase of fresh flowers on your kitchen table on a regular basis.

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