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Many rental property owners reach out to us because they need help maintaining their properties. Whether they live in another state or they need help with the logistics behind maintaining this extra property, we are happy to help. Here at Rhino Property Management, we offer many different services. Some of those include tenant screening and background checks, as well as repairs and maintenance. Today we want to focus on the importance of proper and thorough tenant screening. This can make or break your investment and help you with a more secure future.

Investment properties are just that. They bring in supplemental income and increase with time, however, in order to ensure that, you need quality tenants that pay their rent, as well as treat your property respectfully. We provide an in-depth screening process, to be sure that you get a great tenant for your rental property.

The Rhino Screening Process

Credit Report Check

Credit reports show a lot of important information about your potential tenant. They show a history of loans, as well as payment history. You want to know if your tenant is going to pay his bills and on time. Also, it will show if they can take on a payment like rent.

Verification of Employment

It’s imperative that your tenants have a steady income. This verification of employment will tell you when they started their current job, how long they’ve been with the company, and if there have been changes in status, as well as their wages. While you’re not just about the bottom line with your tenants, you are in the business to make money while providing a quality place to live. This can only be possible if the tenant has a steady job.

Eviction Report

Is there any history of eviction? If they were evicted, why? How many times and places have they been evicted?

Background Check

What kind of criminal history does this tenant have? Will you feel safe, knowing they are in your space, and will they properly maintain your property—can you trust they will not damage it?

Rental History

This check helps us to know what kind of history the tenants have had. Did they pay their rent? And did they pay it on time? Did they rent for an extended period of time or go from place to place?

As you can see, there is quite a bit to check on, when it comes to tenant screenings. A thorough screening will sift the wheat from the tares. It will help protect your investment and rental property, as you unveil the truth about the personal and professional character of your potential tenants. Let us help you with this. Contact Rhino Property Management today and allow us to put your mind at ease when it comes to tenant screenings.