Why You Should Manage Your Properties Online

Technology has completely changed our world. A few decades ago, the idea that you’d pay your rent or contact your friends electronically was bizarre. Yet here we are, doing almost everything that we do over the internet or from our phones. From paying bills, scheduling doctors appointments, and searching for recipes for dinner. This is all a good thing, though. Technology has simplified our lives. When someone is looking for a new place to live, it would make sense that they would turn to technology to do this.

Listing online

Almost everyone looking for somewhere to live is going to look online before they look anywhere else. There are a few reasons for this. The first, is convenience. It’s convenient to pull up your phone when you have a few free minutes and scroll through real estate listings. Another is that they have the ability to see pictures and the floor plan before actually going to the property. This helps eliminate visiting a property you instantly won’t like, because you’ve already eliminated it online. This saves the tenant so much time and frustration.

If you’re having trouble getting your property rented out, consider which platforms you’re advertising your listing on. The more platforms you’re listed on, the more chances you have of being found. It also helps to have pictures and floorplans listed on your website, so when someone visits your website they know what to expect if they want to set up an appointment.


Most tenants have expressed that they prefer communication with their property manager to be through email or text, rather than a phone call, note, or visiting. They also want to be able to send in maintenance requests and pay their rent online. This makes their entire user experience much more streamlined and enjoyable. Your tenants will be more likely to report a maintenance issue promptly if they can easily do it online instead of having to call or drop into the office. If they don’t have an easy and quick way to report it, chances are they’ll wait until the issue is bigger to report it! That’s not what you want, you want to resolve the issue immediately, before it gets worse.

Technology is what they want

If you can do everything else from your phone, why shouldn’t you be able to talk to your property manager and resolve issues with your tenants this way? Another great reason for having electronic communication is that you’ll be able to store the requests and data from these payments and requests easily, which means if a problem arises, you’ll have the electronic record to show what went wrong where.

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