For Rental Property Owners, By Rental Property Owners

Our company was founded by owners, and every aspect about Rhino Property Management we built around how the owner would want it.  Since we own our own rental properties, we are well aware of all the pitfalls that other property management companies have.  We have used them.  We found that the whole system seemed to be flawed.  After being nickel and dimed to death with all their fees, and hearing so many promises that never were fulfilled, we struck out on our own to form a property management company that actually worked right and is affordable.

For example, we don’t have any maintenance mark up fee.  Why should we?  If an owner is already paying us to manage the property, why would we tack on another fee to manage the maintenance?  That doesn’t make sense, it’s just double dipping by other management companies if you ask me.  We also have an online owners portal so you can check on any an all documents, charges, payments, receipts, etc, pertinent to your rental property at any time, day or night.

These are just a couple of the things that we are doing differently.  Our whole goal is to make renting easy on the owner.  Let us handle all the headaches that come with renters, all the phone calls, the stress of filling a vacancy, and tracking the tax info.  You, as an owner are special to us.  So relax, we’ll take care of things so you don’t have to.