Should You Invest in Rental Properties?

Rental InvestmentIn an economy like this one, investing in rental property looks good to some and risky to others. People worry that they won’t find anyone to consistently cover the rental costs, but one plus to a down economy is that fewer people buy homes. Renting becomes a preferred option in many cases. It’s a good option for potential landlords, too, because there are tax credits associated with renting out property to tenants. (more…)

I’m Moving – Should I Rent Out My Old Home?

Renting Your HomeYou’re moving to a new city—but what happens to your old home? Trying to sell homes in the current economy can be a challenge, so perhaps consider keeping the old house and putting it on the market for potential renters. Not only will you now have cash flow from the investment, but you’ll also have other benefits from holding onto the property. (more…)

Tips for Clean Carpets in the Winter

Clean Carpets in the WinterWintertime brings cold weather and its sometimes unpleasant side effects of ice and snow. When it stays outside, it’s only problematic when trying to get from one place to another. Really, though, there is no way around the fact that snow, ice, and dirt will travel from the sidewalk into the house on people’s shoes, which makes keeping carpets clean and undamaged difficult.

As a rental owner, you’ll want the carpets in your property to stay nice so that you can continue letting out the place when current tenants leave. Keeping tabs on the rental can be a little hard to do, because you don’t live there. (more…)